Aug 31

Managing Finance Trick To The Growing Business

Some businessmen complain income from his business always runs out before the save. If there is to be saved, only a small amount. In fact, a project he has received quite a lot. Supposedly, the business can run smoothly and be happy even though his life was no order. However, the opposite happened.

management financial

This may be experienced by some people who started the business world. Moreover, if the business classified as kind of family business. At the beginning of the business, when the project gets, the money always runs out to support the family. The term, when it’s happy, forget everything. Forget having to pay electricity, telephone, internet, transportation, and so forth.

And one thing that is always overlooked is the record of all activities and transactions. There are many small businesses do. In fact, the recording is an important basic step that must be done to promote the business. Then, how to organize a good business finance?

1. Decide what portion of the financial

The easiest way to manage business finances is to agree from the outset how the portion of money that will be used in accordance with the traffic of money required. For example, how much money will be used to pay for salaries, operations, as well as how much profit will be used to develop the business and for savings.

For starters, you could try to split a portion of 30: 30: 30: 10. Portion of 30 percent for salaries, 30 percent more for the company’s operations, such as office rent, electricity, telephone, fax, transportation, and so forth. Then 30 percent more to develop the business, and the remaining 10 percent for personal savings.

The pattern of the distribution structure percentage number is not absolute. You may define your own. Noteworthy is based on the value of discipline in split agreed at the outset. This way, you will be more easily manage business finances.

2. Separate personal and business accounts

After the portion determined, the next step to do business financial records. Indeed, if the business is still small, we often tend to equate the money received in the effort and money for personal gain. In fact we usually keep the money in the account number.

In fact, if the business finances and personal finances are combined, you will have difficulty in monitoring revenue or expenditure that has been done. By conducting the separation between the recording of the business finances with personal finances, it will be easier to distinguish between the cash flow of the business to use the money for personal gain.

3. Do not be easily tempted

Here are the main points as the establishment of self discipline. And, indeed the key to financial management business is a discipline in keeping the percentage portion that we set for business and personal finance.

The temptation is usually often comes while many orders. The goods were not already too important to be like “asking purchased”. There are times, when money comes in large quantities, we suddenly feel the need for this and that. One of them, buy clothes with a reason to look more appropriate when meeting clients.

There is nothing wrong fulfill that desire. But with the record, you should be able to distinguish between needs and wants. Before buying something with a business reason, ask first, whether it is an urgent need or desire that can be postponed. Well, this answer that will help you determine where the money can be used.

Where possible and have enough money, you can use accounting software for business financial records. With this software, financial records could be made more professional and presentable. By doing so, you also do not have a gap to just rip the business money for personal needs.

Aug 08

Five Steps to Business Success Online Shop

online-shoppingCurrent online business to bloom like mushrooms in the rainy season. Although players have many, this remains a promising business opportunity in itself. Of course, to survive in the online business takes careful strategy. Here are some steps that must be done:

1. Dig out as much

Before deciding to open an online business, you’ll want to dig a lot of information from senior or partner who first opened the online business. Dig a lot of information about how the strategies, advantages, disadvantages, shortcomings, and strengths. A lot of information will help you to think of a strategy that is more accurate.

2. Active in exhibition

Who says online business can only be active in the virtual world? Precisely the following active bazaar, opportunities to introduce your product name so bigger. Besides being known through online, you are also known as offline. It is also anticipated that most people are not entirely open internet.

3. Use word of mouth strategy

Feel free to actively promote merchandise by way of word of mouth through the organization or community that you follow. Although impressed by the old school, but it is also somewhat telling because it easier to know the market share of your product.

4. Ads

Feel less precise in putting your business marketing strategy? Try not ever you’re advertising in newspapers, magazines, or newsletters. This method is relatively old, but until now, not only offline stores can reap success, online stores too.

5. Professionals

Do not ever think that the online shop is just a shop just behind the screen. By treating your business professionally and merchandise, such as giving a special bonus for resellers or to schedule a few months to give discounts to customers is one example of being professional. Do not forget too, customer is king, moreover, this is an online store, so trust is urgently needed.

Jul 28

11 Keys to Successful Business Online Store

online-shoppingOnline shop or known by the online store is a type of business in the world of the Internet on the rise lately. The proliferation of online store has become a logical consequence of the high penetration rate of Internet access in Indonesian society. The more potential customers, the more favorable the prospects business.
But behind the ease of opening an online store, you do not expect the arrival of a quick and easy profit. It takes patience and hard work to make the name of your online store can be lifted. And capital employed are also fairly high for it.

Here are 11 things you need to consider carefully when trying to open an online store. By focusing attention on these 11 points, the opportunity to successfully gain dollars to shop online will undoubtedly be higher.

Points 1: Photo products

When you sell a product that can be seen, a photo (the original, not engineered) become mandatory. Why? Because humans are believed eyesight. Opportunity to buy will be higher if you upload photos in addition to a description of the products you sell. Therefore, use of professional photography services if funds allow.

Point 2: Full Contact

Provide clear contact address and can be visited physically because of the character of our society who still do not believe fully in the online stores that do not provide a clear address. Provide as much contact as possible alternatives. You can provide your phone number, mobile number, PIN BlackBerry, email address, Yahoo Messenger and so on.

Point 3: fast response

When prospective buyers contacted via telephone, SMS, BBM, or YM do not delay to respond. Immediately give a response if you are not busy condition. By ignoring them, the opportunity for them back again will be vanishingly small.

Point 4: Reply prospective buyer belatedly

As already mentioned earlier, speed is essential in responding. And that is important, even belatedly try to give a response. Do not ignored altogether. Who knows the great potential? Quite often many people who faithfully wait for your response, but have forgotten because of the density of activity.

Points 5: Have a lot of bank accounts

Give a lot of alternatives to bank account transfer payments. Do not you rely on only one bank only. At least have one national private bank account in another bank and the government. The more alternatives that make it easier, the better.

Point 6: Avoid price wars

The price war is fun for consumers in the short term. You can also gain more customers. But this is not the thing that will bring success in the long term especially if price is cheap to make your product or service quality to deteriorate. Keep the quality is not significantly affected by the low price benchmark.

Point 7: Provide certainty and keep it just

Transparency regarding stocks of goods sold, when available and when can get to the hands of the buyer is most desirable certainty of a seller in the online store. Do toying customers by providing uncertainty information let alone make promises that can not be kept. Reputable businesses will be destroyed sooner or later. Give certainty when the goods arrive. If necessary provide delivery receipt number that the buyer can
check the existence of goods via our used office expedition.

Point 8: Instructions purchase clear

Each online store has a different way sometimes purchase. To avoid confusion, explain how to purchase the best possible way. For example, after interested in buying a particular product, prospective buyers can send SMS with the rules / specific code or send some funds to certain rules. It all looks trivial but it is quite complicated in its execution.

Points 9: Breakdown of prices of goods and postage

Give details of goods and postage prices clearly. Because sometimes there are differences that lead to differences in rates distance anyway. Do not harm any of the parties. Once the prospective buyer messaging products, provide confirmation about the price and postage.

Points 10: Update continuous

What occurred when we open an online store that information has not been updated for so long. Maybe one month, two months or 6 months. The longer you do not update your website online store with something new, the lower the interest of consumers to come let alone transact. The presence pulse indicates the update in your business life. At least if the new stock is not available, provide information on a regular basis
attractive and lightweight for visitors.

Points 11: The design and navigation friendly

Friendly here of course is meant for visitors. The design does not need glamorous, the most important is its functionality. Is visitors can explore the site though your online store well? If so, congratulations. Your site is likely higher net buyers. Design used also determine the speed of loading web pages online store. The concept of simple design more useful. Moreover, if a potential buyer many are accessing from a mobile phone. You also need to set up a mobile version of your online store site. This will open the door for potential buyers who prefer to use mobile phones to access your website.

Jul 14

Basic Principles of Online Marketing

internet marketing strategyOnline marketing is one of the popular business areas in line with the increasing number of Internet users around the world. Online marketing is ideal for those who do not like to be bound in a particular place and time to work. Enough works with an Internet connection and you can go anywhere to stay in business.

Here is a snapshot of the basic principles of online marketing and a bit of explanation about each concept.

The first concept to understand is that online marketing offers options and opportunities that are not less extent with offline marketing.

When you hear, “I want to appear on the Internet,” without mentioning the type, tactics or what platform he will use. It would be like someone saying, “I want to communicate with others.”

There are 3 types of marketing, 3 types of communication and 3 types of ways to advertise. But for this discussion we will peel about 3 types of marketing.

owned marketing

What do you really control? The first aspect of what you can have complete control over is your own site. Your control is the content, how often it is updated, and efforts to SEO (search engine optimization) to increase opportunities found by the search engines. You also need to have full control over your newsletter. Finally, you have full control over your social media presence. Now it’s up to you and only you to choose whether the message to be delivered, as well as share and comment on your posting frequency.

Earned marketing

Earned marketing is all the things that are out of your control. People will talk about your products and services both offline and online. Discussion and comments given online remains displayed permanently at several sites, including a user review sites (like Yelp), blogs and social media sites.

‘Abnormal noise’ generated about your brand can sometimes be significant enough to help your campaign (if positive tone). Although you can not control the tone or content of discussion, you can name anyone to mention your brand by helping them to share and comment on the information that will help increase visibility among people who do not know you.

Paid marketing

Paid marketing refers to all types of paid advertising on the Internet and other interactive platforms. This includes display advertising (banner) on the Internet (content, services and social media sites), video game consoles, handheld devices (sites and applications) and digital display; video advertising; email advertising (advertising that is integrated with newsletter publishers); directory and classified advertising, and search engine marketing (purchase text ads with words or key phrases).

A number of these tools could be more glamorous than the others. Others produce instantly, while others offer long-term benefits. Each tool has its own position in the consumer buying cycle (range, appreciation, consideration, desire to purchase, acquisition / purchase and management / optimization relationships)

Jun 22

Five Online Business The More Interest

Based business online, such as online shop is still the hottest trend. In addition, the ticket agents are also increasingly busy traveling involved.

email marketing

Online media more and more users provide door to a range of business opportunities. Thus, during the first decade of this home based business online is constantly increasing. In terms of business trends, internet media into a container most widely hailed by the business. Coupled with the rise of Google Adsense that could be an opportunity to earn extra income for bloggers.

Besides the business in cyberspace, the latest trends emerging from the world of traveling. Now, more and more among the business of ticket agents traveling. Players not only from the large capital travelok. But also of young people such as students and housewives. Moreover, the current air tickets can no longer be bought over the counter at the airport. Aircraft users must eventually choose to buy tickets from agents, either directly or booking online.

To do business does not just rely on the trend, but also there must be passion. Business, between built with passion and to follow the trend of course has a different challenge. Business built with passion will last longer even though his condition fluctuated. While the business by following the trend will more quickly turn a profit.

According Utomo Njoto, konsulan business of FT Consulting said the most suitable business is run there business is based on the skills possessed. For example someone who is smart Mathematics and Physics, could open her lessons at home. For the cook, could open a food business.

When looking for a suitable business, must necessarily look-owned capital. Capital here to the capital money, can also capital skills. If the money is not enough, then select who can sell skills.

For a beginner businessmen choose a business that trend is the safest option. Here are some of the business that is now the trend:

1. The online-based Business

As the development of Internet media, online-based businesses experience rapid growth. Much has been proved by the fantastic advantages of online based business. The most ogled is an online business that offered Google Adsense.

A system of pay per click on Google ads posted on the site he was working with to make bloggers and netizens benefit plentiful. In addition to the online shop is also still a trend increasingly many who wrestle.

2. The ticket agent traveling

This time to be a traveling ticket agents no longer have to have an office building. As well as selling of electrical pulses, ticket agents both for aircraft and trains are able to run by everyone.

Especially at this time is no longer on air tickets can be purchased at the airport counter. Thus, the appearance of agents on air tickets even more and more and more in demand.

3. Franchises and partnerships

For the beginner businessmen, a partner either franchise or partnership is also a safe choice. Businessmen do not have to start a business from scratch. Franchises and partnerships that will help its partners to prepare all of the business to be run.

4. Agate

Booming agate agate bring the sellers of various circles. The seller is no longer only in stores but also of individuals. There are some positions that can be taken from the business opportunities agate. For example, from the supply of raw materials, refining the raw materials to be precious stones, mounting ring and necklace, to broker agate.

5. Business culinary and fashion

During lifelike, seems culinary business and fashion will never disappear. Now, keep popping up various food products and clothing in various types. Culinary trends among young people most appear. While more targeted fashion to the upper middle class.

Jun 10

Stop spending these items if you want to get rich quick

Daily necessities are increasing often makes us forget and are willing to spend a lot of time to shop. Though not necessarily the things we buy are useful and durable.

richest woman

It is also often a big problem that makes many people find it difficult to control financial condition.

Here are some items that should stop you buy to be able to save more money.

1. Coffee

Most workers often drink coffee in the morning to be able to maintain his body. But all too often buy expensive coffee in the coffee shop will actually make your financial situation worse.

For example, you may often buy coffee latte for $ 5 each day before leaving office. If an active day you work 20 days in a month then you spend $ 100 thousands only for a cup of latte. This is a fairly large expenditure.

2. Lottery Tickets

Buy lottery tickets will only waste your revenue. Although you have the opportunity to win prizes myriad, but the chances of winning were few.

3. Bottled Water

Than have to buy bottled water every time you go out, you can save by bringing their own bottle.

Besides being able to save income, you also contribute to environmental preservation.

4. Latest Gadgets

Always want to buy the latest gadgets will only hurt you. Although it may increase the prestige, always updating the latest gadgets just to drain the bag.

Instead of spending money to always buy the latest gadget, you may be able to save for more important purposes.

5. Junk food

Junk food is often known as an unhealthy food because it contains a lot of salt, sugar, fat, high in calories and additives, but had higher levels of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber are low. But there are still many people who love to consume.

In order to get better financial condition, you can try to reduce the junk food.

Jun 03

Three Ways to win business competition

Do you think open a shop selling groceries or pulse is very easy. Competition in the business tight enough. Without a mature strategy, as a newcomer you can quickly lost and abandoned buyer.


In business there is always a competition. You can adjust the strategy as clever as possible in order to win the competition. Here are some strategies that you can apply:

Appropriate promotional strategies

No matter how good a product you are selling, it will not bring in customers, if you are not a pitch correctly. Provide attractive discounts is one of a potent campaign issue.

observe competitors

If you are a new player in the business you are, take a good example from your competitors. From these examples, you can be creative to make it better.

Keep the relationship with the consumer

Consumers are the source of your income. Maintaining good relations with consumers is often overlooked by businesses. Moreover, if it is felt to have a lot of consumers. Instill a sense of camaraderie with your consumers and transmitted to your employees.

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